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Looking into your past

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense, DWI Defense

Being pulled over for drunk driving can have a devastating effect on those facing serious accusations. Convictions can carry catastrophic consequences that change lives. For those looking for employment, subsequent background checks can disqualify them from consideration.

Misdemeanor DUI can limit work-related opportunities, while felony charges can result in automatic rejection, mainly if the job involves driving, dealing with sensitive material, or interacting with children.

The purpose of background checks

Background checks are commonplace in the job search process. Private employers in Texas can conduct investigations to see if any criminal accusations or convictions are on your record. Additionally, no limit exists regarding how far back they can go to find the necessary information. Smaller companies who prefer to avoid the resources of larger organizations use credit reporting agencies for searches.

While often used to identify criminal activities, employers rely on background checks to shield them from liability if that staff member with a record were to cause injury to someone or damage property. In the end, the primary goal is to ensure the applicant is truthful about their history.

Limitations in federal job applications

When it comes to federal job searches, employers are required to abide by the seven-year rule. The shorter window of time accounts for those who have dealt with the consequences of criminal behavior and are entitled to a fresh start.

All arrest records lawsuits, judgments, and paid tax liens beyond seven years will not show up on credit checks. Exceptions do exist where employers can go back to the applicant’s 18th birthday. Those apply to those pursuing jobs with salaries of more than $75,000 annually or insurance company jobs.

Past indiscretions involving drunk driving, particularly when you were younger, should not define who you are today, nor should it hinder your right to pursue your chosen career.