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J. Mark Howell Attorney at Law, P.C., is a respected resource for people accused of driving while intoxicated. From our offices in Decatur, we serve people throughout the surrounding area of north Texas, including Wise County, Jack County and Montague County.

Helping You Fight All The Consequences Of DWI

Drunk driving charges carry a variety of consequences. Depending on the circumstances of you arrest, you may be facing:

  • Prison time
  • A lasting criminal record
  • Restricted driving privileges
  • Negative effects on a divorce or child custody proceedings

A DWI charge can remain on your record for years. If a landlord or employer runs a criminal background check, the resulting red flag may affect your ability to secure the job you want, get your desired housing or exercise certain rights.

We Work Smart

When your future is threatened by a criminal accusation, it is essential to act quickly. At J. Mark Howell Attorney at Law, P.C., we will immediately go to work protecting your interests and controlling the damage. We will determine what happened during the DWI stop, what the state can prove and how best to proceed with your case.

When you’re uncertain about your future in the face of a DWI charge, an experienced DWI defense lawyer can make the difference between success and failure. We will help you understand the facts and evaluate your options, then stand up with you and fight the charges.

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